January 23, 2008

some answers

apparently I can not spell in Norwegian nor English. Drawing pins in Norwegian is called 'tegnestifter' not 'teinestikker'. If I keep this up I will soon invent my own language. It shall be called 'dinalanguage' - a mix of English, Norwegian and made up words. Correct spelling is optional.

shaari was wondering why I wanted to exercises 1 hour everyday and he seemed very impressed with me. He might be a bit less impressed after hearing this;1 hour a day is easy if you are clever (or maybe lazy is the better word) like me. All things that require me to get of my butt is regarded as exercise. I walk to work, that is 30 min walking and because I like to get home at night I get another 30 min of walking. So easy as that I get my 1 hour of exercises 5 days a week. Now I just need to figure out how to get moving a bit during the weekends too.

My very funny husband thinks I look like Harry Potter . I cut my hair almost 2 months ago and got this so called 'side swept' fringe. It looked nice that first day, but then it started to drive me crazy. It was to hard to part it the right way and I spent to much time pushing hair away from my eyes. I am a busy woman, so I had to do something. What I did was to cut my fringe straight of. Not sure if I am digging it. I think my hair possible is a bit to thick for this fringe thing.

I am back to work, I think I have mention that once (maybe twice) before and you know what I miss most about not being home all day anymore? (Well besides from sleeping as long as I want to in the morning). I miss being able to spend more time cleaning, cooking and planning what food to buy. How weird is that. I am not a 'housewife' at all (just ask my mum if you don't believe me) but it was actually quit nice to have the time to do this properly during my break. Now we are both to tired so we live of nutella and the dishes is piling up in the sink. I wish we had plates like this (thanx to Diva for the link)

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Irishembi said...

We need a picture of the now fringe-less Harry Potter!