March 30, 2006

street party

It has been a while since the street party here in Sydney Road, but it took me this long to figure out how to post a video to this blog. If it wasn't for Bane I would probably still be wondering..


March 29, 2006

yes, officer

yesterday when I was riding my bike home from work I was asked to pull over by a policeman on a motorbike.

how old are you?
me: 31 (thinking or am I im 31!)
policeman: do you understand english?
me: yes
Policeman: do you know that you ran a red light just now?
me: no....there was a light?
policeman: yes, you need to stop. That will be a fine of 210$
me: oki....
policeman: I'll leave you with a warning for now.

And then he left. I was a bit shaky after that and could not understand how I manage to run a red light. I checked it today and it turns out it was a pedristant crossing. I just kept going because there was no one crossing the road, but I guess Im meant to stop when its red even though there is no one crossing..

Well, lesson learnt, Im defently not risking 210$...

March 25, 2006

photo of the week

this week photo is of Nashia - just because I miss her.

what I want

there are two things I want for this week coming. I want my man to get his visa and a job...

March 24, 2006

meme 5s tag

Thanx to Diva for tagging me - again :)

1) 5 Things You Can't Do
º play guitar
º understand computers
º do the right motion with my legs during breastswimming
º reach up to the top shelf
º touch my toes while standing

2) 5 Things You Can Do
º Be organzied
º eat an unbelivable amount of chocolate
º sleep for 14 hours straight
º play piano
º sing

3) 5 Things That Scare You
º The dark
º Racists
º people that gets very angry
º the future
º lifetreatening illness

4) 5 Things You Love
º Hameed
º My family
º My 'kids'
º good conversations
º time to be lazy

5) 5 Things You Hate
º Racism
º Ants
º Snobby people
º egocentric people
º rain

6) 5 Random Facts About You
º I have been married for almost 4 months
º I both love and hate my job
º I have live in Australia for more then 3 years
º Im a christian married to a muslim
º I love skiing

7) 5 Things You Want To Do Before You Die
º Have kids
º Travel all over the world
º Meet my in-laws
º Buy a house with a swimming pool
º Open my own child carecentre

Now tag 5 others! :)
º Hamidde
º Shet Li
º Philippine
º Lostsoul
º Agneta

March 20, 2006


'X' the things you own or have owned. If it's over 40, you're pretty spoiled

( ) own your own car
(X) cell phone
( ) own phone line
( ) own bathroom
(X) own room (well had this some years ago..)
( ) two storey house
( ) built in pool
( ) guest house
( ) game room
(X) tv in your room (used to have..)

Total: 3

(X) double bed or bigger
( ) more than 20 pairs of shoes
( ) 10+ things from a designer store
( ) good grades
( ) expensive sunglasses
( ) name brand purse/wallet
(X) ipod
( ) xbox
( ) ps2
( ) mp3 player

Total: 2

( ) range rover
( ) basketball hoop
( ) air hockey table
( ) pool table
( ) ping pong table
( ) fuse ball table
( ) trampoline
( ) live on a lake or pond
(X) own a pair of skiis
( ) own a snowboard

Total: 1

( ) has a boat
( ) has a jet ski
( ) has a beach house or cabin
( ) stereo system in bedroom
( ) dvd player in room
( ) 700+ dvd's
(X) gets $50+ for allowance each month
(X) goes shopping every month
( ) shops at abercrombie

Total: 2

( ) goes snowboarding or skiing every season
( ) 2+ family cars
(X) a mom AND a dad
( ) step mom/dad
(X) perfume/cologne
( ) aim
(X) msn
(X) yahoo
( ) 5+ trophies
(X) own digital camera
( ) walk in closet

Total: 5

( ) electric scooter
(X) bike
( ) 3-wheeler
( ) guitar/drums
( ) hammock
( ) been on a cruise
(X) traveled out of the country
( ) personal fit trainer
(X) expensive jewelry
(X) met a celebrity

Total: 4

(X) straightener/curling iron
( ) gets hair done/nails/spas
( ) on/was on a varsity team for school
( ) own batting cage
( ) 100+ in wallet/purse right now
(X) own savings account
(X) 1+ best friends
( ) been to the caribbean
(X) been to europe
( ) been to hawaii

Total: 4

(X) been to new york
(X) shopped in seattle
( ) eaten at the space needle in seattle
( ) been on the eiffel tower in paris
( ) been on the statue of liberty in new york
( ) been on honor roll for 2+ years
( ) license or a trip for birthday
( ) lives on private?
(X) moved 3+ times

Total: 3

( ) sports car
( ) hot tub
(X) pet(s)
( ) ranch
( ) verizon
( ) cingular
( ) virgin mobile
( ) t-mobile
(X) been to 5+ states in the US
( ) don't have a job
( ) 100+ buddies on aim/msn

Total: 1

(X) alarm clock
(X) home cooked meal almost every day..
( ) eat out almost every day
( ) been in a limo
( ) own camcorder
(X) own laptop computer
(X) own desktop

Total: 4

Ahhh not to bad - that was only 29 :)


March 13, 2006

photo of the week

this weeks photo is of the pretty gerbarra's I got from the supermarket for 4$. Somtimes the cheapest flowers are the nicest. Sure brighten up over living room.

i asked for tea...

Originally uploaded by dynamitt.
funny guy im married too. I asked for tea and this is what i got...

oh sexy...

I went swimming again today. I had been doing a couple of laps and was just taking a little rest at the shallow end when this guy in his 30's parade in with a very tight swim trunk. He proceded to parade back and forth along the pool apparantly trying to get some attention from the female lifeguard, something he did not get. He then stoped at the lap lane for 'fast swimmers', dived in with the biggest stomach splash you can imagine and when he surfaced he swam towards the end I was at with the wildest most uncontrolled 'crawl' swimming I have seen. As soon as he got to more shallow water he stoped swimming and started to walk instead. So much for 'fast' swimming....

March 12, 2006


Bane posted this story as his lates entry on his blog and i just had to quote it here because its a good one.

We had a gentleman come into Wal-Mart and make his way to electronics section. With a barely perceptible wobble in his step and only the faintest of beer favored scent to him, he requested the purchase of a new television set.

Nothing is odd about this so far, we get stinking drunk folk all the time, especially being open 24 hours. Nay, what set this fine example of the human race apart is how he attempted to purchase said television...

With a Blockbuster membership card.

He did promise the cashier that he would only use it to watch movies, which I suppose made sense in his dark little corner of reality, but she wasn't budging. He didn't understand there was no correlation between the two, even after it was helpfully suggested that that meant we would have no method of checking if he had late fees.

We were informed as he left the building that we will have no more business from him. I, for one, will miss him immensely.


its 39 degrees outside and thats is pretty HOT, yet my troat hurt like im having a cold. Why is my body acting like its cold and winter?

March 8, 2006

*five little ducks went swimming one day...*

for a long long time now i have been wanting to start swimming. I read somewhere that swiming is the best thing to do to get ride of those yukky bumps on my thighs and bum...Not very sure if that is true, but no harm in trying.

Swimming is also an excersise which is easy to do with out getting injuries and it is relaxing and it was fun! I went for the first time today, finally, and I got a membership card so I will go back for more tomorrow.

March 6, 2006

time of my life

oh boy this has been the best weekend ever ! I was lucky enough to have friday of from work so it became a long weekend. We started thursday with going out for dinner to the same resturant we had our first real date. This time we celebrated our 3 months anniversary and it ws just as nice as first time we went there.

Friday was a very nice and hot day, so finally my husband decided that he wanted to go to the beach with me. Can yo beleive that we live about 1 hours away from the beach (with tram) and still this was the first time we were there this summer. Anyway the beach was great and the water was not to cold. So we spent the whole day playing and flirting. There was other people on the beach, but since we did not know them it almost felt like we were there all alone.

On Saturday I had to go down to city for a haircut and some shopping while my husband was allowed to clean the house. We meet up in the afternoon for some food shopping and then the evening was just realxing. It was still very hot on Saturday so not much else to do.

Yesterday which was Sunday the annualy street party here in Brunswick was on. The street party was about 10 blocks filled with stalls from resturants,cafees, community groups and clubs and also shops. There were also several stages where there was diferent bands playing and groups dancing. It was great! We did lots of people watching, enjoyed the food, the music and eachothers company.

So yeah defently a good weekend.