January 14, 2008

two mysteries solved in one day

There is two things I have been pondering about and today I found the answer to both of them.

First, the picture is a picture of an Australian mailman. I guess they might have mailwomen too, but I have yet to see one. Anyhow this is how the 'typical' mailman look like. Dressed in orange and riding a motor bike. Now as you might can tell from the picture; the two bags attached to the back of the bike is where the mailman is storing the mail. And that is my first mystery. Those bags is not able to contain much mail. So how does this work? Fair enough, here in Australia the mailman do not carry any junk mail or newspapers. He only carries addressed mail. But still. The street I live in alone have about 100 residence. Does he take several trips? Or do each street have their own mailman or do Australian people not get much mail at all?

My mum used to work as a mailwoman (see in Norway we have women doing this job too) She used our car to carry the mail she had to deliver. Yes, she did also deliver some newspapers and junk mail, but even without that the car would be pretty full. So how is this Australian mailman able to just use these tiny bags? It is beyond me. And I had actually started to think about maybe asking him, but then he might think I was crazy or something...

The other day I did think I might was going a bit crazy though, until Hameed told me that I was not crazy (at least not yet). At the end of our street we have a red mailbox. The other day I noticed that next to it there was a big green box. I had never noticed it before (and there is when I was questioning my sanity). The box had spider web on it so I came to the conclusion that it must have been there all the time, I had just been blind every time I walked past it before.

When I walked past this green box with Hameed some days later, he told me that he had seen them putting up this box the other day, which meant I am not blind or going crazy. What a relief. But even though he had seen it being put up he had no idea what it was used for. My husband do not think it is a good idea to just ask people. Yes, I know he is weird.

Today though. Today was the day both these big mysteries was solved. I was walking past the green box and what do I see? The mailman is using his key, opening the green box and restocking his bags with mail. So that is how it works. The green box is for storing mail and the mailman is able to use a teeny tiny motorbike to deliver his mail with because he restock his bags from these green boxes.

Oh life makes so much more sense now.

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