July 23, 2009

look at me

I can sit up, but I still have no idea how to roll over from my back to tummy or from my tummy to back...It is much more fun to sit on my own.

July 19, 2009


a very delayed update.

First thing first: Here is Sarah's 4 and 5 month photoes.

4 months

5 months

Looking at the pictures, she looks to be about the same length but a bit chubbier. That is oki. I love chubby babies and Sarah has now the most adorable rolls on her thighs. It is specially cute when she lay on her tummy and there is so much rolls that is hard to tell where her thighs end and her butt starts. I wish that was just as cute on her mummy...

There has been happening a lot the last 2 months. I celebrated my 35th birthday with cake, cards and presents. Hameed had helped Sarah buy me a present, but Sarah also decided to give me a present on her own and slept 12 hours straight that night. That was very nice and I'm looking forward to she decide to do that again.

Sarah started creche (that is Australian for child care) in begining of June and it is going pretty well. She gets very mad sometimes when her careers do not do things quit *right*, like changing her out of soaking wet and poopy clothes or trying to get her to take a nap. This is 2 main things Sarah let you know loud and clear that she is not happy with.

Sarah (and me) are lucky though as I work in the toddlers room, so if she seems like she need her mamma they bring her in to me. She usually see me about every 2 hours and we spend the lunch break together. I peek in on her about every 5 min though.

What is very cute is that "my" old kids - whith that I mean the kids who is now almost 4 and who I have cared for since they were Sarah's age - are so facinated with Sarah. One of the boys voluntered himself to go and check on Sarah during her early morning nap. He checked on her ever 2 min and reported back that she was still oki and still sleeping..

Sarah has already also done her first art project, but that is supposed to be a suprise for her bappa on fathersday so I have to tell you more about that later.

It is winter here and when it is winter I get a cold - always has and probably always will. This year is no different for me, but just as I was starting to feel better, poor Sarah got the worst cold. She has a terrible runny nose and is choughing so hard at times it seems she is losing her breath. The almost losing her breath part scared me enough to rush her to the ER at the childrens hospital. The doctor checked her all over and unfortunatly there is nothing we can do for her as the cold is viral so we just have to let it run its course. Sarah has been wanting to nurse more then usualy though and it seem to sooth her, so we have been nursing A LOT. I don't mind all the nursing, but I am still looking forward to Sarah feeling better and this winter being over.

A fun update. On friday Sarah all of the sudden started to blow rasberries. I copied her, which made her copy me again. Pretty soon she was able to blow rasberries on command and the more we laugh the more she seem to like it. She has been entertaning us and a couple of our friends this weekend.

We try to get it the rasberry blowing on video last night. It was pretty late so she was tired,but I think you get the idea.

July 13, 2009

helping out

I'm a big girl helping my bappa doing dishes

and they get extra clean when I lick them...

A looooong update is way overdue - sorry. Hopefully I will be able to do it this coming weekend. Can you believe Sarah will be 5 months old on Saturday? Time sure does fly.