December 26, 2009

Sarah at the aquarium

We went on a spontaneous trip to the aquarium today. we were planning on going ot the Market,but on our way down there we found out the market was closed. So we decided to go down to southbank instead and I wanted to have a look at how much it cost to go to the aquarium. We were pleasant surprise to find out that even though 1 visit was pretty expencive a yearly pass was not.

We are now proud holders of a yearly pass and are hoping to go back and look at all the fishes and weird stuff many many times the next 12 months.

December 13, 2009


view from front gate

looking into livingroom

looking into bedroom


more frontyard



Sarah checking out my pj drawer

Sarah realizing the bathroom door is OPEN and she is going straight for the rubbish bin




more bathroom

our wardrobe

our spot

Sarah's quarters

looking into bedroom

view of bedroom from kitchen

livingroom from kitchen

view from backdoor

Sarah showing me I have to pull the sofa cover up

view from desk

view from front door

November 26, 2009

gratla me dagen Bestefar

Eg habe du har ein fine dag paa bursdagen din Bestefar. Eg e travelt opptatt me og hjelpa mamma organisera cdane hennas og spisa brod me philadelphia ost. Det smage nesten liga godt som bananer.

Habe du lige disse bildene og videoen, Bestefar.

Masse sussar fra Sarah

October 24, 2009

first leverpostei experience

In Norway leverpostei is one of the first spreads given to kids on bread. My mum sent down a small box a while ago so Sarah could have a taste.

All prepared:


Jupp, I like it!

mmmmmmmmm mango

packing up all our valuables..

September 12, 2009

spring is in the air

and I'm loving my naked toes..

August 23, 2009

First food

A short clip of Sarah's first time trying cereal. The video got cut short because I ran out of tape. She loved the cereal the first day, it was oki the 2nd day, the 3rd day she had more fun spitting it out again...

We have moved on to fruit and veggies. Apples are very very yummy apparently, the first taste of pumkin was so, so. I will try again with pumpkin tomorrow.

August 6, 2009

dear Sami

Mamma is missing you so much and wish we could celebrate this day with you.

I wish I knew if you liked trains or Bob the builder and if you wanted legoes or cars for your birthday.

I wish I had you here so I could give you birthday kisses, watch you open presents and blow your candles.

I hope your birthday party in Heaven is beautiful and we are looking forward to see you again one day.

Lots of love from mamma, bappa and your little sister Sarah

July 23, 2009

look at me

I can sit up, but I still have no idea how to roll over from my back to tummy or from my tummy to back...It is much more fun to sit on my own.