January 29, 2009

I'm hot..

Today: Max 43 Min 29
Friday: Max 43 Min 27
Saturday: Max 35 Min 24
Sunday: Max 31 Min 22
Monday: Max 34 Min 21
Tuesday: Max 29 Min 20
Wednesday:Max 29 Min 18

January 28, 2009

3 weeks

that is all there is left. 3 weeks or 21 days. In one way it still sound far away, but most times I think about it I get a bit shocked. 3 weeks is nothing, it is going to happen before I know it... And then I think about that 3 weeks will make me 39 weeks 5 day and Sami decided he wanted to try this coming out thing at 39 weeks 1 day... So no idea what Sarah decide to do. It is oki if she stays to the 18. I'm still very much comfortable and sleep all night so no beached whale feeling here yet.

We had a pre-surgery meeting yesterday. Which of course made it all more real. I have only one more check up left before the big day. I am pretty much ready - meaning the room is set up, her clothes are washed and the car seat is picked up. I have yet to pack a hospital bag though so if I just went into labor right now I would run around scrambling a bit to get it all together. Maybe I should just get it packed? The problem is that I have no idea what to pack..

At the moment we have 40 degrees so if I pack for that kind of weather I don't really need any clothes. Do you think the hospital will be oki with me hanging around in my underwear? But then with Melbourne weather you never know so it might drop down to 18 all of the sudden which will require pants, socks and jacket..

Hameed suggested to just pack for summer weather and if I needed jacket going home he would bring one. Sound sensible right? Only problem is I only have a couple of shorts that fit me, so if I pack them I have nothing..

Maybe I just continue to watch crappy tv and hope that Sarah will stay put until the 18 when I'm ready.

January 14, 2009

oh hi

So it seems to be 2009 now and my sister is well into her 30's. Happy belated birthday Annette!! Hope you enjoyed your London trip (London, baby)

And me. I spent the last days of 2008 and first days of 2009 decluttering and cleaning this place. Well actually Hameed did most of the work and I did the directing...

I seriously did not think it will take us long seeing as we have a small 2 bedroom flat, but boy have we collect lots of crap over the 3 years we have lived here. It took us a week to go through everything and we ended up with 6 big bags of rubbish, 3 big bags for salvation army and a small bag for shredding. It was great to get it done though, so now my job is to just rest and do the fun stuff. Fun stuff like this:

I'm positive that this baby have more clothes then me and Hameed together. And sadly enough since much of this was originally for Sami they were a bit wrong season, so I had to go shopping for some socks and pants for Sarah, and by some I mean 7 pair of pants... Baby clothes are just to much fun to buy.

My co-worker sent me a message asking to see a picture of my big belly, so here it is. See how serious I look when I'm concentrating.

I had a doctors appointment yesterday. Everything is still going good. The doctor wanted me to come back the 27 and I told him I already have a another appointment with the surgeon that day. Not a problem replayed the doctor, just let the receptions know what time the other appointment is so she can make sure to get you a time that don't clash.

I explained all this to the receptionist and she took a look at my letter from the surgeon. On the letter it says I have to show up at the 'womens health clinic' which I was sure was the place I already was. She told me that no, I was now at 'women's pregnancy clinic' and the health clinic was just over that way. (waving to her right) Then she proceed to write on my letter.

We got the appointment sorted. Later when I was having a look at my letter I had to laugh, she had written 'women's health clinic' next to where it is typed on my letter... Yeah that is going to make it easier for me to find.