October 22, 2006

talking about idol

I have seen Australian Idol every year here, and don't think I have missed more then 2 or 3 shows. The one performances though that I will never forget is from this guy; Anthony Callea. The show when he did this song was 'contestance choice' and until he came on the show had been very slow. I was sitting in the lounge room in our uni recidence with about 15 other people. When Anthony started to sing it became quiet and by the end all we could say was 'wow'. I have seen this video over and over and I also have his cd, don't think I ever will get tired of it. Thanx to you tube I can share it with you all - enjoy!

my favorite idol

Here is some video clips of my favorite in the Australian Idol this year. His name is Chris.

The first video is a cool version of the song 'crazy little thing called love'

The second songs is a song he wrote himself called 'Diamond days'. They had one night were all the contenstance could sing their own songs and play a instrument if they wanted. That was pretty good.


You Are Animal

A complete lunatic, you're operating on 100% animal instincts.

You thrive on uncontrolled energy, and you're downright scary.

But you sure can beat a good drum.

"Kill! Kill!"

October 21, 2006


I got a comment from my lil sister that I was very good at updating my blog... yeah i know she meant it ironic :P

Anyhow, life is very busy here - so its much easier to just read other people's blog then write on my own. Since I last updated Ramadan has come and almost gone... only today and tomorrow left. Its first when Hameed dont eat during the day I realice how much of our fun time together actually involves eating or drinking. So now Im really looking forward to Monday when we can go out for lunch or for a cup of coffee again.

Work is busy as always and now we have finally gotten the dates for our accreditation. Here in Australia there is a set of requierments a child care centre has to follow in order to be allowed to operate and every second year a person come and check that what we are doing are good enough. This person is due to come between 1st November and 12th of December. So cross you fingers for me that Im able to get up to date with my paper work before then. And this is also part of the reason for why Im up at 6am on a Saturday. The other reason for why Im up so early is that Hameed left for work at 4am and its hard to sleep again after being woken up.