June 28, 2008

bad parents

Recently there has been a big fuss in the news about child neglect cases that has been discovered.

A few weeks back the police found 18 month old twins dead in their Sydney home. They had been look into their bedroom. The dad apparently knew nothing about this (even though he was at home) the mum's responds when the police found them was "oh, I guess I didn't feed them enough". I feel so sorry for those kids.

Then this week a family with several children who used to live in Victoria had their children taken away from them. The children are severe malnourished and filthy but it seems like they will be alright after proper medical treatment and care.

This lase case have caused the public to demand child protection do their job better and also share information with agency in other states. This family had raised concerns when they lived in Victoria. The neighbors had called the child protection, but when investigations started the family upped and moved to South Australia. Police was finally able to intervene after one of the children had been hospitalized which cause the authorities to check on the rest of the children in the household.

I will never understand how anyone can treat children like that.

June 21, 2008


Hameed and I went to see the new Narnia movie the other day. We have VERY different tastes in movies so it do not happen often that we agree to go to the movies together. Anyway we did agree on seeing this one and we both liked it oki. The movie was not great but it was not bad either. It has been so long since I read the books that it took me a while before I understood what was going on. We both really loved the last song though. It is so beautiful I almost feel like crying when I hear it...

June 20, 2008

come on out

I added a visitor map to the blog and it has been interesting to see where people who read my blog are from. I was expecting one from Hommersaak, Norway (hi mum) and I think the one from Canada is Lisa, but I have no idea about the rest.

So If you read my blog please leave a comment. I promise I'll visit your blog in return.

June 14, 2008

counting down

I never like winter. Well except from the snow part. I do love snow. But I do not like winter as in being cold all the time, having to wear 4 layers of clothes and lots of rain. Not to mention the illness. I ALWAYS get sick when it is winter. I'm just now getting a bit better from a bad cough which has made me unable to sleep for a few night in a row. So now I am tired and cold.

All winter is good for is to curl up under a blanket and sip hot chocolate. Let's hope September 1st will be here soon.

June 6, 2008

all about me

it is my birthday and I have gotten a fair bit of attention, which is cool but also a bit awkward.

Anyway, the day started with a birthday greeting from my husband. When I got to work I found out my co-worker had let all the parents know about my birthday so I got some happy birthday wishes. Another co-worker got 'my' kids to sing for me (I am so getting her back on that one).

At lunch time I found out that they had bought a ice cream cake so I could share a birthday treat with 'my' kids. And of course they had to sing for me again. In the afternoon all the kids in the whole creche came into my room. I got a present from all the staff and another song. Yay.

A bit after 4 a delivery guy came to the door with a giant bouquet of flowers.As soon as I saw the flowers I suspected it was from Hameed and I was right. They were beautiful.

When I got home I got another song, cake and a card. Hameed also made me dinner - yummy lasagna. Today have been all about me and I guess I deserved it since I am now a whole year older.

June 5, 2008

love thursday

On my last day as a 33 year old I got a parcel from my mum and my sister. The parcel contained two of my favorite things; chocolate and a knitted sweater.

The sweater was a bit to short, but still nice and warm. And the chocolate... the chocolate was so good that it was a miracle I still had something left to take picture of...

Happy love thursday

June 3, 2008

tuesday thirteen

today's thirteen is about movies. Thirteen movies worth seeing more then once.

1. The notebook. I don't think I ever have cried as much watching a movie as I did watching this one. But still I love it. Probably my favorite movie ever.

2. Empire records. We came across this movie accidentally actually. My sister and I got 10 movie at a special deal from the video store and there was some mix up so we ended getting Empire records instead of some other movie. Bored as we was we watched it anyway and I think we are all glad we did. Every time I see it I wish I worked in a record store.

3. Much ado about nothing. Another movie I watched just because I was bored. I was alone at our summer house and meant to study for exam. One night I decided to watch the movie instead thinking it surly would be boring seeing it was a Shakespeare movie. Boy was I wrong. I never knew Shakespeare could be so funny.

4. Pretty woman. I remember my cousin (a guy) saying this was a great movie and since I was very much looking up to him then (! was 16, he was 18) I rented it as soon as I could. My favorite scene will always be when Vivian go back to the store which refused to let her buy anything and tell them they made a big mistake.

5. Dirty dancing. I think all the girls in my class had a crush on Patrick Sways. Well everybody exept me. I would have love to dance as well as him though. I didn't really *get* the song "time of my life" until I met Hameed.

6. Juno. I borrow this movie from a girl I work with and it is actually one of the few movies both me and Hameed liked. The story is great and the humor is awesome.

7. Monsters Inc. I have no idea how many times we have seen this one. Again this is one of the few movies we both like and when there is nothing on tv this is a easy choice.

8. Freedom writers. I am a sucker for stories about a great teacher turning bad student into nice kids.

9. Hotel Rawanda. Sad, heartbreaking and also a movie which make you remember how good your life really is.

10. Shrek. Love animation movies and this one has great lines also for adults.

11. Shrek 2. One of the few movies were the second movie is just as good or maybe even better then the first one. Puss in boots is to cute.

12. Schindlers list. A long movie, but so worth seeing. It is horrible and even worse knowing it all happen. A great movie to see so you never forget.

13. Bourne Identity. My husband will be very surprised to see this movie on my list. It is actually one of the few action movies I did enjoy. However the first was good, the next two was a bit to much.