May 20, 2007

long time no blog..

Im too lazy..figured I needed to update this place a little bit..

We are doing good, getting big and round :) Here is a picture taken yesterday:

We are getting ready for the big day in August and only have a few more things we need to get before that (and Im glad for that since its getting harder to get aorund everyday)

Anyhow yesterday we went shopping for toys and that was pretty cool.

we got a playmat

Hameed has tested it already and commented that the baby will get the toys right in his face. I had to point out to him that Goofy will be a tiny bit smaller then his daddy... at least in the beginning.

The coolest thing we got though was this musical 'box' sort of thing to hang on the cot. It plays music and then some birds dances around, but if you press a butten you get the bird dancing around as a light show in the ceiling. That is awsome :)
We tried to take a picture of the light show bit that did not turn out any good.

So here is just picture of the music 'box'

We really like this thing and played a lot with it last night, if we keep going like this we will have to buy new batteries before August...