January 9, 2008

stuff - very scary stuff

Chris is my hero because she is a mother of 7 and still manage to write some very funny blog entries. Her latest thing though is to try to live 1 year without buying anything she and her family really need.
She writes:

I walked through the aisles of my local Target. So many things to buy and bring home. Things I didn’t even know that I needed a few moments before. And yet I manage to fill my cart with these things. Every week.

So the solution was to stop buying things. And how this all goes, for a family of 9, you can read about here

I am a big fan of Chris's main blog so I was only to happy to get another blog to read and when I read how she decided to stop shopping I realized "hey, that is really not a bad idea". Something tells me that Hameed would love for me to stop buying so much things too.

Then I read some of the comments Chris got on her blog and one of them suggested to check out story of stuff and then I got scared and went to hide under the bed...

Well I didn't really hide, but it truly is scary. The video clip is a bit slow to load, so I suggest watching a chapter at the time. I did sort of know what the story of stuff is all about already, but it was a wake up call, and did I say scary, to see it like that.

So I have decided to try to buy some less stuff. We do not buy a lot in the first place and we do not own a car, so we are doing something right. But everyone can do better. And who knows, we might end up saving a penny or two...

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