November 29, 2008


On wednesday afternoon I stepped onto the tram on my way home from work and for the first time ever I had three people jump up and offer me their seat....

It never happen when I was pregnant with Sami. I still remember having to ask a young guy if I could please sit when I was 36 weeks. Yeah I know it was in the middle of the winter and I was all bundle up so I probably looked more fat then pregnant. But the fact that Hameed had to practically push and carry my up the 3 steps onto the tram because I was so swollen in my legs I could not bend my knees should have clued people into that I might needed to sit down.

Anyway I guess I'm looking pregnant now and not just fat

November 23, 2008

27 weeks

I had to smile at the line with my ticker for this week. New Jersey is a fair distance from here but I am very tempted to drop kick the next person who ask me 'how are you feeling?' The worst I think is that it is usually women who ask me, women who have been pregnant, women who probably still got sick of that line. Yet they still ask.

I think the only one worse is one of my co-workers who keep asking me 'how is your baby' - I never know how to answer that one. I assume Sarah is alright. She seems to be growing as she is getting stronger, but I can not see or talk to her so I have no idea how she is really is.

I'm still pretty comfortable and sleeping very well at night. I sure appreciate it. I enjoy being able to still be very active and work full-time with very little problems. I am tired at the end of the day and most of my weekends goes to sleep and rest but I am still doing very well and my feet are not the tiniest bit swollen yet.

Last Saturday I got another niece. My brother in law called right after she was born and was so excited. We got very little details out of him though. Thanx to my sisters in law we got to see picture and even got a name. She is named Mariyam Eshal.

November 16, 2008

no pink clothes

My number one grip about expecting a girl while I am living in Australia is that there seem to be close to no clothes to be found that is not pink, purple or otherwise ridigelose frilly and girly.

I started to search online for more options and found clothes in Norway which was more my taste and since I finally found something I went a bit bananas and bought heaps. I think Sarah should be set with tops for a while.

And talking about girls. Hassan and Fahy welcome their baby daughter last night so I got a new baby niece. The report is that everything is well with mother and baby and dad is over the moon.