December 28, 2007


I have this beautiful Christmas tablecloth my mum made for me. This year we got a couple of candle wax dripping on the tablecloth. I was not to worried about it, thinking it would come of when I washed it. I was able to pick of most of the wax so there was only some pink stains in the fabric. I sprayed them with stain remover and washed on gentle. After one wash there was still one stain left. I sprayed stain remover on it again and washed again, this time on hot.

After second wash the stain was still there. I hung the cloth outside to dry, hoping the sun will make the stain fade. But no such luck. I wash it a third time and still no change. My mum suggested I iron the tablecloth with a piece of paper towel over the stain as to sort of 'suck' it out of the fabric....

I have now a piece of very nice and flat paper towel. The tablecloth still have a stain. So what do I do now?


December 26, 2007

the best christmas gift

the best gift we got this year was actually from the cemetery. Odd as it sounds.

We have been waiting and waiting and waiting very patiently for Sami's gravestone to be finished and put up since September. First they told us it will take 4-6 weeks. Then they told us 2 more weeks and kept on pushing it forward in time.

I last spoke to them in mid December and were then told that the place which makes the gravestone was shut down for Christmas. I had to wait until January to call again. Hearing that made me very very upset - for reasons I'm not all sure about. I believe Sami is in heaven, so it really should not matter if there is a place with his name on at a cemetery here. But it does.

We made a temporary solution so the grave got a name and was decorated for Christmas.

Now yesterday on Christmas day we went up to the cemetery to put up some flowers. And to our great surprise. The gravestone was finished and put up. It looked so nice and totally made our day.

December 25, 2007

god jul, jul, jul

the headline is from a Norwegian advent series which used to be on tv when I was little. It was great to discover that my sisters had decided to buy me the dvd of this tv serie as a present. Noe I can share my childhood memories to people here in Australia (that would mean Hameed, mostly..)

Christmas this year was great. My mum (I love my mum) is hilarious at Christmas time. She never believe in buying us expensive things. Instead she always got us lots and lots of small an usefull things (like toothpaste or shampoo or socks) and wrapped them individually so it appeared that we all got a mountain of gifts. This year she had wrapped a lot of things that was actually mine, but which I had kept at home with her. One of my presents was a picture of my grandparents and my cousins taken back in 1982. We all looked so cute and innocent.

Dinner this year was Indian food (I think we have started a tradition here) and it was very very good as always. Kine made us a beautiful dessert of fresh fruit, chocolate and ice cream and it was nice even though they did not have the 'right' chocolate here in Australia.

All in all we had a great christmas and of course we all ate way to much..

December 23, 2007

little christmas

" I'm dreaming of a rainy Christmas
just like the once I used to know"

It has been raining a lot here the last days. The farmers are happy for some rain and to me it feels a bit more like it really is Christmas. Cold and rain is much more 'christmasy' for me then sun and 40 degrees. Oh and yes I got a 'Christmas star' plant too - I'm feeling so grown up now.

And the tree is up. It look so nice, specially at night. I got some help with the tree this year actually. Kine came all the way from Norway to help me. Well at least I can pretend that she came just for that. Who Kine is? She is the daughter of some of my parents friends, whom I have meet once before when Kine was about 9 years old. So basically we don't know each other, but when you are far away from home and its Christmas everyone is best friends.

Happy little christmas!

December 20, 2007

love thursday

finally, my last day at work before the break is finished and I have 27 days ( and nights) to spend with my favorite person.

Happy love thursday!

December 16, 2007

lets talk

Diva posted this on her blog:

Oh, Okay

My weird coworker says this over and over and over again. Thirty three times. Thirty three times for ONE call. By the end I wanted to slit my wrists.... or her throat. She also loves to say "Hi. hi. Hi. Hi. Hiii." My other coworker almost kissed my boss' feet when she was moved across the office (and out of WC's range). She loves to repeat. It's worse then Valley Girl chat. Over and over... and I have about five more hours of trying NOT to strangle her. Anyone want a human parrot?

I too have an annoying co-worker. Maybe a little less annoying then this 'oh, okay' lady Diva talks about. My co-worker ends every sentence with 'yeah'. And she also have this habit of asking questions about the weirdest things. One example. All the kids were sitting down to drink their milk. She walked into the room looked at me and said. 'Are they having milk now, yeah?' I just looked stupid at her. What do you respond to that?

I'm itching to talk to her about this 'yeah' thing. But don't know how to do it delicately. I can be a bit blunt...

This 'yeah' girl is engaged to marry and I have been wondering how her fiance can possible handle all her 'yeah's' - well that was until I meet him. He talks the same way...I guess some people are literally 'spoken for'.

December 14, 2007

I know, i know

I forgot what day it was yesterday - so no love thursday. I promise I'll try to make up for it next week.

Today I'm to busy. First I was to busy running around at work trying to finish up all the little bits and pieces so the kids could take their christmas presents home. What started out as a cute idea became a HUGE task. And I am so very glad that we finished it - FINALLY! Oh and I knocked by finger. That hurt! I am actually getting a black nail too.

After work I have been very busy too. First I had to finish up this huge block of chocolate. Really I had to, because otherwise it will melt and that would be totally waste. And now I'm busy bookmarking all my favorites again. When Hameed fixed my computer yesterday it involved erasing all my files, so I also lost all my favorites. Now trying to bookmarking them all again, I realize that I actually know all the web adresses without searching for them. Makes me wonder why I need bookmarks...I guess it saves me a few seconds of time when I don't have to type in the address everytime I want to look at a page.

So love thursday will be back next week. Oh and did I mention my finger hurts?

December 13, 2007

lucky afterall

After I spilled water on my computer it has been acting a bit funky. It worked oki, but somehow it was impossible to shut it down. If I tried to shut it down it will act as I asked him to restart. Yeah it got a bit annoying. Last night Hameed just switch it of without shutting it down first and I guess the computer did not really like that. When I tried to turn it on today I got a black page asking me to reinstall all my programs and press 'r'.

Here is were the lucky part comes in... I have a husband who know how to reinstall everything again. And it was not just lucky for me. To fix a computer after it has crashed happens to be a major part of Hameed's curriculum. So when he spent some time fiddling around with my computer he actually got to practice for his exam. My computer is up and running again now and everything seems alright. I guess that husband of mine know what he is doing..

December 9, 2007


for some reasons weekends always goes so fast. I almost never plan to do much, but still there is not enough time to do all the nothing I want to do.

This weekend I had 2 things planned: do some laundry and wrap the presents for my family. So far I have done neither. I seriously have not had the time. I have been very busy just doing nothing and also doing nothing together with my husband. And right now? Right now I am very busy eating a fresh pineapple while watching an amazing sunset... that is definitely more important then doing laundry.

December 8, 2007

butts and toilet-smelly

I am blessed (or coursed..) with a big butt.

Sometimes I look at other people's small nice butts and envy them.

Other times I look at some peoples 'inwards' butts and are grateful for my big one....

oh and the toilet smelly. I have been annoyed with how bad our toilet have been smelling lately, even though I cleaned it so I bought this thingy today. That thingy you know which you put on the edge of the toilet so every time you flush some soap comes out and make your toilet smell nice. I have decided to call that thingy ' toilet smelly' because I can not remember what it is really called...

December 6, 2007

love thursday

We have now been married for 2 years and 4 days. Our anniversary celebration on Sunday was great. I had no problems getting a gift for Hameed and I was excited to see what he came up with. I was pleasantly surprised when he actually bought me clothing. I never thought he would be able to figure out the size to buy me.

Last year our anniversary was spent at a top hotel and looked like this , now this year it looked like this.Our day was full of laughter and joy and I am looking forward to spend many more anniversaries with the greatest man I know.

Happy love thursday!

December 3, 2007

I think I fried it..

my computer that is. I have a laptop and I was chatting with my mum last night, trying to get the web cam to work and drinking a huge cup of water. It had to go wrong...

I spilled most of the water on the keyboard of my laptop and he did not seem to like that much. We were pretty quick and got it turned upside down so the water could drip of, but the computer were still making hissing noises. Hameed manage to turn it of so now its laying upside down and drying of. I will try to turn it on again tomorrow and hopefully everything will be alright.

I am very glad we have 2 computers in this house.

December 2, 2007

happy cotton day

I feel it in my fingers
I feel it in my toes
Cotton is all around me
And so the feeling grows..

real lyrics here

December 1, 2007

first day of December

The advent calender is ready

and so is the advent candles. I can not find any purple candles in this country, so dark red is the best I can do.

I also got 'new' hair. Not the easiest thing to take picture with my web cam, but you can sort of see it. I am quit please with how it turned out and hope I don't look to much like a 10 year old.