January 2, 2006

me and more me

So who is this 'dynamitt' and why that name?

Dynamitt is a word play on my name. My real name is , well used to be at least, Dina Smith. My best friends little brother called me 'dynamitt' to tease me. I hated it when I was 12. I really don't mind it now. I use dynamitt as a name on most things now a days, easy to remember.

You said your name used to be Dina Smith?

Yes, but in December 2005 I got married to Hameed and as old fashion as I am I took Hameed as a last name about 6 months later. Being a Norwegian living in Australia, in the middle of applying for permanent visa, it was a bit to complicated to change my name at our wedding day.

So your husbands name is Hameed Hameed?

Hehe, no. His name is Hussain Hameed, but everyone (well almost everyone) call him Hameed. I called him Hameed for 3 1/2 years before I change my name, so it just felt weird to start calling him Hussain.

A norwegian living in Australia, how did that happen?

I am a pre-school teacher and I took my bachelor of education in Norway. After working at a child care centre in Oslo, Norway for some more then 2 years I realized that I really did not know much about children with special needs. I wanted to go back to studies to learn more about special education and I really wanted to study in English. The options was: UK, USA or Australia. Both UK and USA is ridiculous expensive, so Australia is was.

So are you still studying?

No, and that I am greatful for. Oh don't get me wrong, it was great to study here but I am so glad I don't have to read for exams or write assignments ever. again.

But you still live in Australia?

Yes, and we will probably stay. I met Hameed shortly after I arrived here. We actually lived in the same house on campus. We hit it of right away and became best friends pretty much from the first time we met. Then we became a couple and later we got married. It has always been easier for us to live in Australia as we both know this place just as well.

Are you Australian citizen then?

Nope, I am still very much a Norwegian. I have Australian permanent visa though and Hameed is in the final stages of getting his. Visa applications are now fun I tell you. To much paper work and to much waiting. I hate waiting.

Hameed is not Australian either?

No, he is a proud Maldivian, who cant figure out why Australians are not able to say 'Maldives' the right way.

So what do you do now when you are not studying anymore?

Now I work in a child care center. It is hard work, but I love it. My dream though is to one day be able to open my own center. Hopefully that can come true when we are able to buy our own house.

And Hameed, what is he doing?

He is a student right now (poor guy). He is doing a degree in IT so in a few months he will be earning lots and lots of money and I can hang around and do nothing (well I can dream)

I saw there was a link to 'Sami's story'. Who is Sami?

Sami is our son who was born 6th of August 2007 and passed away on the 1oth of August 2007. He was born with so many complications so he did not really have any chance. I am working on writing up all of his story. Slowly, very slowly..

So why did you start a blog?

Because I am cool and hip like that.... No, not really. Probably mostly so my mum can keep track of my whereabouts. One of these days though I hope to be able to earn a few pennies from my blog. I just have to figure out how.


Irishembi said...

Hi Dina! Just wanted to thank you for your encouragement on starting my new Blog. And the tip about the ads too!

I just found your blog and am enjoying it. I am so sorry about your son Sami and I wish you and Hameed all the best and a long happy life with your new baby!

Boo said...

Hi Dina! I just saw you post on the feb 07 boards of babyfit and had to have a look at your blog. I am really excited to see another Aussie on the boards!!

Earning money through bloggin huh?? If you haven't already, you should check out dooce.com She earn's heaps on her's and doesn't need to work any more. If you figure it out, let me know...I'd love that too!

I am also very sad to hear about Sami and wish you all the best in the future.


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