January 28, 2008

knock knock

yeah I'm still here. I have just been a bit busy this weekend. Friday I was to tired after a long week at work - it is amazing how much more tired you feel when you go back to work after a holiday. Saturday I was feeling a bit down so I didn't feel like posting much. And Sunday, which was yesterday, I was to busy looking at this guy:

He is pretty cute, right?.

Oh, who he is? Well he is a french guy, more precisly tennis player, with the funny name Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (yes I know that sounds like a very girl name). He was 'Mr Nobody' in this years Australian Open. He started the tournament with no ranking and made it all the way to the final.

Hameed liked the guy because he was 'Mr Nobody' and did so well. I too liked him for that, but it didn't hurt that he was cute as well... So we spent last night cheering for Tsonga. The match was pretty exciting and it was very close but in the end Tsonga lost to Djokovic.

I never really understood tennis, but Im starting to get it now and if there is more players as cute as Tsonga I can possible be talked into see much more of this sport...


Just to add. I have seen several blogs letting their readers ask them questions. I figured I give it a go too. So here is your chance: ask me anything you like and I will do my best to answer. Just leave your question(s) in the comments.

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Lisa and Liam said...

My parent actually went to the Australian open this year, which is a big deal if you live all the way in Canada!!

I have a question...what is the cup Tsonga is holding in his hands in the picture?