August 30, 2006

new chapter

tomorrow starts the next chapter in the Hameed households life. Then both of us will get up in the morning and go to work! Pretty exciting.

of course..

August 26, 2006

my blogging mummy

my mum has started her own blog! Pretty cool. I still remember how we wrote her a A4 page of instruction so she was able to check her email when we first got a computer. No 1 on the list : turn on the computer...

She has come a long way since then - thats for sure. She is now more then capable to check her email and write emails without any instructions, she can chat online and use webcam, she can send sms with her mobil. She can even take pictures with her new digital camera without cutting of everyones heads :)

And now also the latest - she is blogging. My lil sister got her started and I have help her a little with the layout, but other then that its all her. Pretty proud of you mum. Check out her blog here

August 21, 2006

its done..

my husband mention on his blog that he had to write a list of 100 things he wants to do for his class. I have for a while had my own list on 43 things, but have been pretty slack on updating and actually try to do some of the things in a long long time.

Anyhow, 1 of the things on my list has been to change bank. And today that was completed - yay! I can't remember why I chose the bank I did when I first came to Australia but I has always annoyed me that the bank did not have the option of Visa debit card. For a while it was oki because I still had my visa debit card from my bank in Norway and as long as there was money in the account I could use it when needed. But for the past year there has been very little money in my account in Norway so the need for a visa debit card linked to my account here in Australia became something I really wanted to have. An other thing I really missed was a savings account where I could just put away 10 dollars, 50 , 100 or whatever I had to spare whenever. The savings account we had was oki when we open it, but did not really work well when we no longer had stipends to save. The minimum deposit for our old savings account where 500 $ each time - so it was very very rare we manage to put anything away in savings and those money we had to spare was mostly used to buy lollies..

But from today of we have a visa debit account and a proper savings account. Feels good to have it done finally. Now we just need to figure out the insurance language, so we can get insurance too...

August 6, 2006

still alive..

Yeah we are still here - even though it takes me forever to make updates to this blog. We are member of a forum - NCT- were one of the treads today was about posting a new photo of us. We took this photo and since it turned out oki I decided to post it here aswell. So now I dont have to update again for another few weeks :D