December 26, 2009

Sarah at the aquarium

We went on a spontaneous trip to the aquarium today. we were planning on going ot the Market,but on our way down there we found out the market was closed. So we decided to go down to southbank instead and I wanted to have a look at how much it cost to go to the aquarium. We were pleasant surprise to find out that even though 1 visit was pretty expencive a yearly pass was not.

We are now proud holders of a yearly pass and are hoping to go back and look at all the fishes and weird stuff many many times the next 12 months.

December 13, 2009


view from front gate

looking into livingroom

looking into bedroom


more frontyard



Sarah checking out my pj drawer

Sarah realizing the bathroom door is OPEN and she is going straight for the rubbish bin




more bathroom

our wardrobe

our spot

Sarah's quarters

looking into bedroom

view of bedroom from kitchen

livingroom from kitchen

view from backdoor

Sarah showing me I have to pull the sofa cover up

view from desk

view from front door