January 10, 2010

Birthday dress

This was mamma's dress when she was 1 year old. Bestemor saved it and it is now almost 35 years old. It's a very special dress.

January 2, 2010

just keep walking...

Sarah is now really starting to like the push toy we gave her at Christmas. Today she has been walking around and around and around and she got MAD when she hit a furniture or wall since she has yet to figure out how to turn the car on her own. So we had to take turns following her around and making sure she has a clear path. In the end Bappa and Mamma was very tired..

Oh an Mr Turtle HAD to come along for the ride and since she needed both hands to push and balance herself it made sense to put him in the mouth right?

If you listen very carefully you can her she is making 'car' sounds while she is walking.