September 30, 2007

defeating the purpose

This morning I ate my healthy breakfast of porridge and an apple and then I quickly shoveled down 4 brownies because eating them fast makes them more healthy - right?

I have finally, after living here for almost 5 years, been able to find a butter that do not taste salty. Which means I can bake cakes and cookies that actually taste nice. And because I am not the only lazy person around (surprisingly enough) it is very easy to be a master cook when you just have to add butter and eggs to a pre-made pack of ingredient. Actually cookies are even easier, no mixing require, just put them on a cooking sheet and bake.

As great as all this convenience is (and it actually made me brave enough to agree to make cookies for my church next week) I have one more request: Dear people making pre-packed stuff. Can you please make cookies and brownies which taste good but make you lose weight? Thank you.

September 29, 2007


Can you see anything odd in the picture? If your answer is that black shoe on the left seem a bit lonely, you are right. And no, I did not just hide it.

My husband mention to me last night that there was a hole in one of his work shoes. I suggested we buy him some new once and then we did not talk more about that. This morning I was on my way out and notice this lonely black shoe. First I got a bit confused and looked for the other one, then I started to laugh as I pictured Hameed hopping around on one foot at work...

September 27, 2007

love thursday

me the idiot

Were other husbands call their wives 'honey','sweetie pie, 'darling' and stuff like that my husband looks at me (lovingly I must add) and says 'idiot'.

It is oki. It really is, because I say it right back. It sort of our ting. And sometimes many times I am... umm.. an idiot...

A couple of weeks ago I was going to the store to do some shopping. We don't have a car so I have to walk there. I put my backpack on and the key in my jacket pocket and of I went. When I was finished my shopping and were putting the groceries in my backpack I was thinking to myself that I should put the key in my bag so I don't lose it. And so I did. I walked back home and when I was almost there I met our neighbor. We said hi to each other and I continue to walk towards over flat. I reached for the key in my pocket and panicked a little when I realized it was not there. I decided that I must have lost it somewhere on the road so I turned around and walked pretty fast towards the store again. I caught up with our neighbor. He said hi again and asked me what was wrong. I told him I had lost my key. He then asked 'did you check your bag'? And yeah then I remembered...

Today I did it again - no not 'losing' my key even I am not that bad (yet). About a month ago I got a notice that I need to renew my drivings license. I received a bill for the renewal fee and some brochures I might possible did not read to well... I had planned to go to their office and just pay the fee with my card there and get the new license. Its not to far but a bit out of the way so that explain why it has taken me a while. Today when I was getting ready I happen to look at the papers I received again, and this time (don't know why) I actually read them. Turns out I don't have to go anywhere. If I just pay the fee (which I can do from home thanks to Internet) they would send me my new license in the mail. I could have had my new license a month ago...

So yeah I'm the idiot.

September 26, 2007

weird people

When I have been traveling I have been enjoying 'people watching' as they call it. It is nice to sit down with a cup of coffee or something and just look at people passing by. You realise then how different people are and also that there is some weird once out there.

I have not been traveling much lately but that is no problem because it seem like some of the weird people are finding me alright even so.

On Monday I was trying to clean our bathroom. I started as usual with wiping down the mirror and then I began to tackle the sink. While trying to clean the sink I discover that it seemed a bit blocked up and I pictured a heap of hair clogging up the drain. Together Hameed and me manage to pull the pipes apart (well him doing the work and me giving instructions). The pipes was disgusting! But no hair. We cleaned them out as good as we could and put everything back together. Well the problem was not solved yet. The sink was still clogged up so then we had to call for a plumber.

Two guys arrived a couple of hours later and started to work on it. First thing the guy up in our flat asked for was for me to boil some water. And all this time I thought you only needed boiling water when delivering a baby.. The other guy was posted downstairs at the end of our pipes outside. They proceeded to work and call instructions to each other and no they did not have a Mobil or a walk a talking of any sorts. They were just YELLING to each other.. Did I mention we live on the second floor and we can't open the bathroom window.. No?

As you might be able to imagine it got pretty loud and even when the guy turned to talk to Hameed he was still yelling. I was very glad when they were done and we could get them out. And of course all the fuss of getting a working sink again made me to tired to finish cleaning the bathroom.

September 25, 2007

I'm a loser

of weight that is. I started to watch a bit more what I eat a few weeks back and so far I have lost 2 kg. Is it sad that the first thing I thought when I saw the numbers on the scale was ' yeah I should celebrate this with some chocolate'.

I think I might have secretly be hoping that this new crap healthy diet of mine should not work so that I could resume eating a pound of chocolate a day...

But it worked so I guess I have to try to stick it out a bit longer..

September 22, 2007

*on the road again*

It is not really related to what I wanted to say. I wanted to talk about that I have gone back to work, but somehow that reminded me of that song and a silly ad they had on Tv in Norway.

Anyway, as I said I'm now back at work, well at least partly. I will work 2 days a week until the end of this year. Or so is the plan, I have a feeling it might become full time again before January.

It was nice and a bit weird to be back. I left a bunch of babies back in June and came back to big kids! How dare they grow so much when I didn't see it. They have started to crawl, walk and even talk - so I think these coming months will be fun. It is also great the weather is becoming warmer now, it is always easier when we are able to go outside.

It was a bit more weird to meet the parents again. They have all been informed about Sami's passing and they did not really know what to say to me. They all expressed though that they were happy to have me back and that they had missed me, so I guess that is good.

What is even a bit more weird is that until the end of this year I will not be the room leader. The one who is the room leader had a day of on Friday so I did not get to work with her then, but I will on Tuesday. Until June I was her 'boss' and now she will be mine. That can be interesting.

The best thing about not being a room leader though - no paperwork! I don't think I will miss that to much..

September 20, 2007

love thursday

chocolate, oh how I love thy
your smell oh so sweet
your taste...
and how you melt in my mouth

countless hours we spent together
you and me
until I talked to Mr Scale.

I have to start seeing others
apple,carrot and salad

But oh I do miss you
will I see you again?

September 18, 2007

more cake?

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we are celebrating today. It is Hameed's 28th birthday. We have celebrated with presents, nice food, good drinks, phone calls from family even a birthday song from 'svigermor' and of course cake...

Hameed loves cheese cake, I don't. I never really understood the concept of having cheese on cakes. Cakes are supposed to be sweet and have lots of chocolate. But since it was Hameed's birthday I tracked down a cheese cake shop and got him a cake. It might possible last him a week....

September 17, 2007

birthday greeting

to Laisha - hope you have a great 2nd birthday today.

'thutu dhata'

September 16, 2007


as mention before we really want to buy our own house one day. I'm a bit inpatient so I have already started to look at houses which are available now. Its pretty easy when they are posted online. Many have also posted pictures of how the house looks like inside - that is my favorite part.

I was just looking today and found a house that seemed alright. I clicked on the pictures and came across this:

I'm out of words..

September 15, 2007


folded clothes takes less space

September 14, 2007


Worst Date Ever - A True Date story

This was on the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. Jay went into the audience to find the most embarrassing first date that a woman ever had.

The winner described her worst first date experience. There absolutely no question as to why her tale took the prize!

She said it was midwinter ... snowing and quite cold... and the guy had taken her skiing to Lake Arrowhead. It was a day trip, no overnight, they were strangers after all, and truly had never met before. The outing was fun but relatively uneventful until they were headed home late that afternoon.

They were driving back down the mountain, when she gradually began to realize that she should not have had that extra latte. They were about an hour away from anywhere with a rest room and in the middle of nowhere! Her companion suggested she try to hold it, which she did for a while. Unfortunately, because of the heavy snow and slow going, there came a point where she told him that he had better stop and let her pee beside the road or it would be the front seat of his car.

They stopped and she quickly crawled out beside the car, yanked her pants down and started. Unfortunately, in the deep snow she didn't have good footing, so she let her butt rest against the rear fender to steady herself. Her companion stood on the side of the car watching for traffic and indeed was a real gentleman and refrained from peeking.

All she could think about was the relief she felt despite the rather embarrassing nature of the situation. Upon finishing however, she soon became aware of another sensation. As she bent to pull up her pants, the young lady discovered her buttocks were firmly glued against the car's fender. Thoughts of tongues frozen to pump handles immediately came to mind as she attempted to disengage her flesh from the icy metal. It was quickly apparent that she had a brand new

problem due to the extreme cold. Horrified by her plight and yet aware of the humor she answered her date's concerns about "What is taking so long?" with a reply that indeed, she was "freezing her butt off and in need of some assistance!"

He came around the car as she tried to cover herself with her sweater and then, as she looked imploringly into his eyes, he burst out laughing. She too, got the giggles and when they finally managed to compose themselves, they assessed her dilemma. Obviously, as hysterical as the situation was, they also were faced with a real problem. Both agreed it would take something hot to free her chilly cheeks from the grip of the icy metal!

Thinking about what had gotten her into the predicament in the first place, both quickly realized that there was only one way to get her free. So, as she looked the other way, her first-time date proceeded to unzip his pants and pee her butt off the fender.

As for the Tonight Show, she took the prize hands down ... or perhaps that should be "pants down." And you thought your first date was embarrassing.

Jay Leno's comment - - - - This gives a whole new meaning to being, "pissed off."

September 13, 2007

love thursday

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Ramadan started today. This is the fifth Ramadan Hameed and I have spent together and hopefully this one will be good.

I used to hate Ramadan. Not eating made my man crabby and when he was crabby I got crabby too. And since we normally love food and lots of our fun time together involved food it seem like the month of ramadan was very boring.

My hubby do normally have everlasting patient, but that is also linked to food somehow. We don't normally fight much, but the few big fights we have had have happen during Ramadan.

Now one of this big fights ended with us deciding to get married... so its not all bad.

Today I have spent most of the day cleaning and trying to get ride of some junk. One of the things I found was the card I got from Hameed for our first wedding anniversary. I had to sit down and read the poem he wrote me all over again. Then a bit later I found our wedding photos. It was nice to see through them again and we both look so happy.

They say marriage has its ups and downs, honestly we have had most ups. I feeling very lucky and are pretty sure we will survive another Ramadan.

Happy love Thursday

September 12, 2007

my new toy

I think I have figure out its quirks now and I love it. Makes cooking easy for a lazy person as me.

September 11, 2007


my jeans fit me again. Its a tight fit, but they fit. Made me feel pretty good. Now just to loose some of this tummy fat..

September 10, 2007

for your comfort..

We went to Frankston to visit some friends yesterday. It was a very nice day so we took a walk around Frankston. One of the buildings we passed was this one:

I have never seen anything like that before and if there had not been added signs for 'ladies' and 'men' I would never have figure out that this comfort station was...

September 8, 2007


I was reading my newspaper today and stumble upon a interview with the guy who won idol in Norway in 2004. He is a bit cool since he is from the same city as me. Anyway, he is about to release a new album and his first single 'leaving me' is actually pretty good.

Edit: to correct the date (thanx Solgunn)

September 7, 2007

love thursday

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It is Friday here already, but since this blog is on USA time (I can not figure out how to change it) I can cheat a little...

When I was pretty much sitting in my bed for 2 months I spent some of my time reading this blog and beside from being a very good blog she also did something called 'love Thursday' which meant writing something about love every Thursday. I like the idea, so I will give it a shot.

It is a month since Sami was born, so it was fitting that the first love Thursday was about him. The picture of his little foot is one of my favorite of all the photos we have. I look at this picture often. A lot of my memories about Sami has to do with his feet as well.

At 14 weeks pregnant I felt his little feet tapping inside my stomach for the first time - that was amazing. Later on he got stronger and we could see his kicks, that was pretty cool too. The last weeks of my pregnancy I knew exactly where his feet where and if I pushed on them he will kick me back. I love that game. Sometimes he will stick his feet into my ribs and it felt like he was using them as monkey bars.. that hurt a little.

When Sami was born one of the things we noticed about him was that he was extremely tickles if you touched his feet and of course his feet was so cute that we could not stop touching them...

Now Sami's little feet is running around in Heaven and maybe they even have monkey bars for him to swing in there. He sure is good at it.

September 6, 2007


The world cup in rugby is starting soon and we have ad for it on tv all the time. 'The blacks' are the team from New Zealand and before each game they are doing a traditional maori dance. I love it, so I thought I share.

September 4, 2007


Hameed mention on his blog that his work place has been very good to us lately. My work place has been very good to us too. My co-workers tracked us down on the hospital and sent us a big bouquet of flowers when Sami was born. Later, after Sami passed away, they have been checking on us regularly and offering help and shoulders to cry on. It is nice to have so caring people around you, especially since our families are so far away.

Today I went into work for a visit. And I learnt that not only my co-worker cares about us, all the parents cares too. There has been a large group of parents contributing money and asking staff to buy us something on their behalf. They just did not know what else to do. Some of the parents also wrote us cards.

My co-worker decided to give us the money instead of buying us something. As they said, flowers will die very soon and they wanted us to use the money for something more memorable. After talking to Hameed about it, we decided to save the money for now and later use them to buy something special for Sami's little brother or sister.

I'm still overwhelmed though about how much people care about us, but I think I really like it.

September 3, 2007

opinion needed..

we want to buy our own place some day, hopefully in about a year or so. The rent is going up and so is housing prices so we just have to start somewhere.

Right now we are living in a pretty quit neighborhood, which is also pretty central. Its a short distance to my work and to the city center and not to far to Hameed's work. The area we live in now is pretty popular so if we try to buy something here, I don't think we will be able to get anything bigger then a 1 bedroom place.

Now if we move a bit further away from the city center the houses prices drops so we would be able to get a 2 or even 3 bedroom place for the same price as a 1 bedroom place goes for here in Brunswick.

So now the big question: what will be better? A small place, central or a bigger place further away?

September 2, 2007


I guess we did not get the horse flu after all, but I was worried for a bit there.. Feeling better today and hopefully all good in the next few days.

Now to figure out what to do with my days..

September 1, 2007

sicker then a horse??

Both Hameed and me have been sick this week, actually we are still pretty sick, but I am starting to believe we will recover one day.

We went on holiday to the 'sunny' Gold coast last week. Only that we did not get much sun, none at all actually. It was cold and it was raining - a lot! The last day we had to check out of the hotel by 10 am and our plane home was not leaving before 7 pm at nigh, leaving us a few hours to do nothing. Our crap hotel did not even have a common area, just a little 'hole in the wall' thing were the staff took our money and the room key. So we were left to fend for our self in pouring rain for a few hours. We got very very wet, I can tell you that, but we did manage to find shelter here and there and also got a few cups of coffee in. And the best part, having a hubby concern about our wet feet scored me a new pair of shoes.

We were quit happy to be home in our warm and dry flat again that night. The next day were where feeling fine. I did some errand and felt a bit tired after that, but i like my naps so that was nothing unusual. The next morning Hameed refused to get up for work and it took me a while to understand that he was actually serious sick (I was sure he was faking it). I just felt tired. I fall asleep again and when I woke up next time my head hurt so bad I could not move. I moved very little the rest of the day. By nighttime we started to cough and we joked about doing in duet.

Hameed felt a bit better on Wednesday so he went into work but were pretty relived to find out he was allowed to take the rest of the week of. And I'm grateful for that. The rest of the week have been spent couching, drinking endless amount of hot tea, sipping medicine, emptying tissue box after tissue box and try to force down a few bits of food in between.

As of today, Saturday, we are couching less but still have a fair bit of the sniffles. Hopefully that will clear up in a few more days. I can't remember having gotten the flu and cold so bad before.

Well at least we are not outside in the rain anymore...