January 3, 2008

good health-a-thon

Do you know what I did yesterday? I canceled my membership at the gym. Yes you read that right. I canceled it. One that very day that most people start their 'new and healthy' life (which of course they give up 2 weeks later) I skipped out.

Why I canceled? Because I never use it. Seriously. I do love going there and do some swimming, but with working full time and the pool being very very busy at the times I am free it was hard to fit in a work out. Which of course lead to me not going at all. So instead of keep giving them my money every month, I finally manage to cancel the whole thing.

So what I will do now? Just sit around and gain lots of weight? Actually I do hope there will be reason for me to gain weight during 2008, but not the unhealthy kind. What I want to do though since I am no longer a member of the gym is to try to more active incorporate work out and more healthy living into my busy life.

I came across a blog entry on blog her called Good Health-a thon. Kristy challenge people in that entry to make small differences and set smaller spesific goals. I can do that!

So my first goals:

1. I will eat 1 serve of fruit each day the next week
2. I will drink 1 glass of water before every meal the next week
3. I will put sun screen on every morning
4. I will try my work out dvd 3 times the next week

I will give you updates on my progress next friday. Oh I sould also say that if you want to laugh a bit you should really check out Kristy's personal blog 'She just walks around with it'

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