February 21, 2009

thank you

I'll post more when I am not being a milk macing 24/7

February 9, 2009

February 2, 2009


Lisa has given me an award call 'honest scrap' - I guess it is just a more flattering way to say I'm tagged. I have been thinking about this for some days. So let see if I can come up with 10 honest things about myself. Apparently they have to be interesting too... I let the interesting part be up to you to judge.

1. Being married is different from what I expected. It is much much better then I could ever imagine

2. I don't care if I make people uncomfortable. If anyone ask me if I'm pregnant with my first I say "no" and give them the whole story about Sami.

3. I am very jealous of people who are lucky enough to find out they are pregnant and 9 months later have a healthy baby. Before I got pregnant this time I had a very hard time getting happy or excited when friends found out they were expecting.

4. As much wanted this little girl is, now when there is only 16 days left I'm starting to freak out a bit. What did we get ourselves into.

5. I always have had endless patient with kids and not so much with adults. As I become older this seems to get worse..

6.I know this is hard to plan (my own history prove that) but if possible I will not have 3 kids. I grew up as one of three and there was always one that was left out. Now as adults I have a great relationship with my youngest sister, my relationship with my other sister is pretty much none existent.

7. I have been babysitting since I was very young and now work with children as my profession. I am not shy to give parents advices based on my beliefs and experiences. I'm worry that I will have to 'eat my own words' pretty soon.

8. I'm addicted to internet.

9. I give my husband grief for buying biscuits and other sweets. But when I go shopping I often buy myself a chocolate and quickly eat it before I get back home.

10. I tried to talk my best friend out of dating a Muslim guy several years ago. Good thing she did not listen. She is still happily dating him and I myself marry my own Muslim guy. This experience prove that my worries in number 7 is valid.

So that was my honesty for today. Now I'm supposed to pass it on to 7 people..
This award has been going around a bit so I don't know 7 people with a blog so I will make an option to make this into a note and post on facebook. Oki so here is my victims

1. Hameed (just because you never blog anymore)
2. Solgunn
3. Elin
4. Larry
5. Bree
6. Odessa
7. Sheuna