January 5, 2008

schindlers list

Last night Hameed and I saw the movie Schindlers list. I had seen the movie before, many years ago, but it was still good to see it again. Good in the sense that by seeing the movie and remembering what happen we might prevent something like this to happen again.

The movie is almost entirely in black and white, which in my opinion really suit. The story is to dark and depressing that colors would not have felt right. The girl in the red coat is the only bit of color there is in the whole movie. This was a girl Schindler noticed when she manage to escape from being killed at the Krystal night. Later however we see her again as one of the causalities and when the movie zoom in on Schinlers face as he notice her laying we can almost 'see' his thought. Why this girl? What did she do wrong? Since she is the only bit of color the audience feel a bit more special for her too and the cruelty of what happen seem to be understood a bit more. No, the people that was killed were no criminals in anyway, they were just people and many of them very young kids.

At the end of the movie there is an interview with several of the people that was on the Schindler's list. People that did manage to get out of there and survived to tell us. They told there stories and we noticed that many of their personal stories had been used in the movie.

Some of the ladies told about how when they were by mistake sent toAuschwitz instead of to Schindlers factory. They had heard rumors about how people were sent to big 'shower' cambers only to be gassed to death. Lucky there particular women got away from Aushwitz a live, but there were so many more that did not.

When I was in high school I had to study german. In my second year, I was 17 then, our teacher took the whole class for a 1 trip to Germany. One of the days on that trip were spent visiting a concentration camp. I thought we did go to Autswitz, but looking at the map now I can see that we probably did no go to that camp. There were several camps and they were all pretty much set up in the same way.

We travelled to Germany in May which is usually a time of the year when it is getting warmer. I remember we were able to wear just t-shirts for most of the trip. The morning of the day we were going to the concentration camp though our teacher decided that we all were to bring jackets and jumpers. We though he was being silly, but he insisted.

It was the weirdest thing. As soon as we entered the gate of the concentration camp it got so cold. It was 1992 then, 47 years after the camp had been in use, but still it was cold and extremely depressing atmosphere there.

We were showed around and the 'showers' which was really gas chambers were the thing that made the deepest impression with me. Did you know that in 1992, 47 years later, we could still see blood stains on the floors on the chambers?

As depressing and awful going on that trip was I am so glad we did. I am praying that nothing like this will ever happen again.


Anonymous said...

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Jack Hazut said...

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Jack Hazut said...

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