January 7, 2008

treading the papermill

We are currently dealing with three different government offices in two different countries. What they seem to have in common though is a great love for papers. Lots of forms to fill out, lots of information to read and lots of documentation to provided. We are totally digging it.

One of the offices we are dealing with are the immigration office. We are in the final stages of getting Hameed his permanent visa and I really thought we had already given them all kind possible documentation, but they seem to want more.

So we spent all yesterday filling out forms. Today I made the copies we needed. Hopefully tonight we will be able to sort things out so all I have to do to tomorrow is to get the copies signed and sent of. I am so looking forward to finish this thing. With both Hameed's visa and mine we have been doing this stuff three times now. It seems like they want to know everything about us and a bit more.

I got mine visa a bit more then 2 years ago and I am now entitle to some support from the government as I do not earn lots of money and I am currently supporting two people on my income. I tried to look into what I need to do today and yeah more paperwork. Ugh.

And then we have the tax office in Norway, who is quit happy to send me forms and information about tax in Norway. They also insist that I fill out a tax return form ever year. I have not earn a cent in Norway since February 2003.. What is it with these offices and their love of paperwork?

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