October 30, 2007

waiting and waiting

I don't like waiting. At work, with the kids, I have an unlimited amount of patients it seem. In other areas of my life, not so much.

We went to talk to Sami's doctor today. It was nice to see him an all, but he did not really have any news to tell us. They do still not have the results back from all the test they ran. They still have no idea what happen to Sami. They still have no idea if there is a high chance or low chance for us to have another child with the same problems. Basically we know just as much now as we did in August.

The results are meant to be back in a few more weeks and then the genetic specialist will see us to discuss what they found. So we are waiting...

After we had talked to Sami's doctor we went up to the cemetery so visit Sami's grave. We were hoping that they had put up his grave stone by now, but no. More waiting for us. They told us 4-6 weeks before, and today we were told it will take another 2-3 weeks.... waiting and waiting.

I really don't like to wait.

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