October 6, 2007

a bit about this and a bit about that

Last night when I was trying to fall asleep there was something flashing outside our bedroom window. It almost felt like someone was taking our picture (we live on second floor so I doubt it). I never figure out what it really was though, it was way to cold to get out of bed to investigate.


I was awaken this morning to birds singing outside my window.
Birds: *kvirevitt* (its spring)
Birds: *KVIREVITT, KVIREVITT, KVIREVITT (IT'S SPRING !!! now get up already)

(short break and then I guess for good measure)

Birds: *kvirevitt* (it's spring)

and then they moved on.


My husband have been spending some time (actually a lot of time) using 'stumble upon', which is a application that let you randomly surf internet sites without having to search for spesific things. (If you want a better explenation you can give him a shot here). When he find something he likes he will email me the link to the page. Here is my favorite so far.


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