October 20, 2007

losing it

I have been trying to lose some kilos the last weeks. At first I thought that I would lose weight quickly if I only stopped eating a pound of chocolate every night. That did not make much difference suprisingly enough.

So I thought myself about calories and how much I should eat each day. After some trail and errors I found a system that works for me, basically eat boring and very healthy food in the morning and during the day, so I that I have room for that sweet treat after dinner which I always seem to need no matter what I had during the day.

Now the last weeks I have been very good and I have lost some weight too. It is going slower then I like, but it is going down. The last night though I have been eating a fair bit of chocolate (we are talking a big bar all to myself here)and the weight still seem to go down. I'm not complaining, but I just don't get it.

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