October 3, 2007

the coolest thing since sliced bread

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We got a new food store right across the street for our regular supermarket. This new store specializes in fruit, vegetables and fine food as they call it. I check it out mainly because I was hoping to fine some nicer looking fruit then what we usually get from the supermarket and because they have pretty flowers (see my last post).

Well I am definitely going back to that store and it is not because of the fruit or the flowers. Oh don't get me wrong, both the fruit and the flowers were pretty and great and all that, but what really made me wanting to go back is this neat trolley thing they have there. It sort of like a bigger shopping basket with wheels and a handle to pull it with. I loved it. Yeah, I am really a big kid - there is a reason for why I work in child care.

Anyway I went back today because I needed to take a picture of this great thing. The picture is not to good, I had to take it very quickly as I was worried about getting question about why I was taking pictures. Somehow the truth, that I found this trolley thing so cool I needed to take a picture, did not sound all believable.


Phillipen said...

jepp,de e ganske gudd.de har sånne her åg.hatt ei stonn,faktisk Ü

M&Co. said...

Did you know that shopping carts were invented by a man who lived here?

Lisa and Liam said...

We just got those in our grocery store here in Canada. I love them too!! Perfect size like a basket for quick shops, but all the ease of a cart without the bulky hassle. Love your quirky posts!!

dynamitt said...

no M I did not know that can you give him a thank you from me??