October 16, 2007

the weather is like a swedish joke..

Being a Norwegian I grew up telling jokes about Swedes. Norway and Sweden have a bit special relationship. We love to joke about them being a tad bit stupid and they like to think of us a a bunch of farmers.

A Norwegian was having trouble with the turn signal in his car. He asked a swede if he could help him figuring out if it was working or not. The swede agree and the Norwegian asked him to stand behind the car and see if the light came on or not. The Norwegian switch his turn signal on and ask is it working?
The swede goes:
"its working"
"not working"
"not working"...

Melbourne weather is pretty much like this joke. If you ask me how the weather is I would probably say:
"hot and sunny"
"cold and rainy"
"sunny again"
"cold and windy"

Its a tad bit frustrating. All though the last days we have had pretty much the same weather for a whole day - so that is an improvement...

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Phillipen said...

Ah! Just like the weather in good ol' Rogaland! Ü