October 1, 2007

footy fever

(finally figured out how to change the time, yay!)

This weekend was Grand final weekend, meaning it was the weekend where the Grand final in Australian football, also known as 'footy', was played. I grew up with soccer and footy is a bit different. I guess it can best be described as a mix between American football and Rugby - yeah it is as confusing as it sounds. Some of my Australian friends tried to explain it to me, but I did not really get it(thruth be told I did not really care to understand it).

For Australians though, footy is a big deal and we do often see people walking around in footy shirts, hats and scarfs. The kids I work with too are already huge supporters and I have several times got the question about who I 'barak' for. From what I have gather 'barak' is and Australian term for supporting or cheering for. And the kids don't really believe me when I tell them that I don't barak for anyone. I have not dare to tell them yet that frankly I don't get the game at all, seem a bit wrong to admit that to someone almost 30 years younger then me.

Well this weekend, this grand final, we actually sat down and watch the match, most of it at least. It is possible that we saw it because there was absolutely nothing else on tv.. And maybe we also saw it because it was a bit special this year. There was a Victorian team in the final and said team had not won a final since 1963. So it was a big deal.

Watching the game, I actually learnt a bit (shocking I know).
1.There is some similarities to soccer.
2.You get either 6 or 1 point for scoring a goal, depending on where you shot the ball.
3. And last, you are allowed to act like toddler; meaning you are allowed to lay on top of the ball so you don't have to share it.

It is all much clearer for you now, right?

The Victorian team won the game (or can you call it a game when they won 163 -44?). Judging by the fuss afterwards they might possible celebrate the victory for another 44 years. I guess they deserve it. Go cats!

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