October 8, 2007

counting down

There is 4 (or 5) days to Eid

There is (hopefully) 7 days to we hear from Sami's doctor

There is 18 to 32 days left to Sami's grave stone is finished

There is 23 (I think) days left to I start working full time again

There is 54 days until we celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary

There is 77 days left to Christmas

And 84 days to New years eve

Last, but not least, there is 96 days until my sister joins me in the thirties. (And I know she really look forward to that).


-annette- said...

HEI!!! Ska kje snakka om det!!!

Phillipen said...

Kor gammale Nette blir, seie du?? Og kor lenge t??
hihi Ü