November 1, 2007

love thursday

And now to the post following this picture - I was way to tired to think or write anything on Thursday night...

The picture is of the two men I hold dear in my life - my husband and my dad. Now I believe most people have heard the theory that a woman would choose a husband similar to her dad. I have given that theory some thoughts lately and it actually was a poll whether people found that this to be true or not on the morning show on TV the other day. Unfortunately I had to go to work so I was not able to see what people answered.

But back to me. Did I choose a husband that is similar to my dad? I believe the answer to that question is no. In many ways they could not be more opposite. However, having said that, they do have some similar traits.

1. They rarely get mad and when they do they just get very very quiet After sharing a house for 12 months with a man that got VERY loud, screamed and yelled when he was mad, I truly appreciate this quality. And besides bugging my husband to me.already. can be fun sometimes...

2. They both love books They have very different taste in books. My dad read Christian books and books about history. My husband prefer crime and sci-fiction. But they both love books.

3. They both like to collect stuff My dad is driving my mum insane by keeping every single issue of his veterinarian magazine. I think he gets 'only' about 4 magazine a year, but then he has been getting them for about 35 years now so there is a few of them. My husband is slight worse I am afraid. He is collecting metcards. The magazines I can understand, you can read them and learn new things. But metcards?? They are used and can never be used again. Most of them are plain blue, so nothing special about them at all. Yet he insist on collecting them.

These are the things I have found to be similar between my husband and dad so far. I don't think they are to much alike. I know one thing for sure though, I love them both - a lot.

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