October 17, 2007

more poop

poo is a big part of my work. Lucky for me is not all gross stuff all the time. The other day I had a conversation with Jackson 2 1/2 years old while he was sitting on the toilet and I was changing one of the younger babies nappy.

Jackson: whats that on her butt
Me: its poop, she pooped too just like you
Jackson: why?
Me: well...you both had lunch and then you poop after.
Jackson: why?

(now I'm thinking very hard how to explain it better and then I remember that his mum often takes him to the library to get books)

Me: Maybe your mum can get you a book about poop at the library so you can read more about why.

(long pause)

Jackson: I have a book about Bob the builder
Me: oh yeah?
Jackson: Bob the builder does not poop.

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