September 26, 2007

weird people

When I have been traveling I have been enjoying 'people watching' as they call it. It is nice to sit down with a cup of coffee or something and just look at people passing by. You realise then how different people are and also that there is some weird once out there.

I have not been traveling much lately but that is no problem because it seem like some of the weird people are finding me alright even so.

On Monday I was trying to clean our bathroom. I started as usual with wiping down the mirror and then I began to tackle the sink. While trying to clean the sink I discover that it seemed a bit blocked up and I pictured a heap of hair clogging up the drain. Together Hameed and me manage to pull the pipes apart (well him doing the work and me giving instructions). The pipes was disgusting! But no hair. We cleaned them out as good as we could and put everything back together. Well the problem was not solved yet. The sink was still clogged up so then we had to call for a plumber.

Two guys arrived a couple of hours later and started to work on it. First thing the guy up in our flat asked for was for me to boil some water. And all this time I thought you only needed boiling water when delivering a baby.. The other guy was posted downstairs at the end of our pipes outside. They proceeded to work and call instructions to each other and no they did not have a Mobil or a walk a talking of any sorts. They were just YELLING to each other.. Did I mention we live on the second floor and we can't open the bathroom window.. No?

As you might be able to imagine it got pretty loud and even when the guy turned to talk to Hameed he was still yelling. I was very glad when they were done and we could get them out. And of course all the fuss of getting a working sink again made me to tired to finish cleaning the bathroom.

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