September 22, 2007

*on the road again*

It is not really related to what I wanted to say. I wanted to talk about that I have gone back to work, but somehow that reminded me of that song and a silly ad they had on Tv in Norway.

Anyway, as I said I'm now back at work, well at least partly. I will work 2 days a week until the end of this year. Or so is the plan, I have a feeling it might become full time again before January.

It was nice and a bit weird to be back. I left a bunch of babies back in June and came back to big kids! How dare they grow so much when I didn't see it. They have started to crawl, walk and even talk - so I think these coming months will be fun. It is also great the weather is becoming warmer now, it is always easier when we are able to go outside.

It was a bit more weird to meet the parents again. They have all been informed about Sami's passing and they did not really know what to say to me. They all expressed though that they were happy to have me back and that they had missed me, so I guess that is good.

What is even a bit more weird is that until the end of this year I will not be the room leader. The one who is the room leader had a day of on Friday so I did not get to work with her then, but I will on Tuesday. Until June I was her 'boss' and now she will be mine. That can be interesting.

The best thing about not being a room leader though - no paperwork! I don't think I will miss that to much..

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