September 1, 2007

sicker then a horse??

Both Hameed and me have been sick this week, actually we are still pretty sick, but I am starting to believe we will recover one day.

We went on holiday to the 'sunny' Gold coast last week. Only that we did not get much sun, none at all actually. It was cold and it was raining - a lot! The last day we had to check out of the hotel by 10 am and our plane home was not leaving before 7 pm at nigh, leaving us a few hours to do nothing. Our crap hotel did not even have a common area, just a little 'hole in the wall' thing were the staff took our money and the room key. So we were left to fend for our self in pouring rain for a few hours. We got very very wet, I can tell you that, but we did manage to find shelter here and there and also got a few cups of coffee in. And the best part, having a hubby concern about our wet feet scored me a new pair of shoes.

We were quit happy to be home in our warm and dry flat again that night. The next day were where feeling fine. I did some errand and felt a bit tired after that, but i like my naps so that was nothing unusual. The next morning Hameed refused to get up for work and it took me a while to understand that he was actually serious sick (I was sure he was faking it). I just felt tired. I fall asleep again and when I woke up next time my head hurt so bad I could not move. I moved very little the rest of the day. By nighttime we started to cough and we joked about doing in duet.

Hameed felt a bit better on Wednesday so he went into work but were pretty relived to find out he was allowed to take the rest of the week of. And I'm grateful for that. The rest of the week have been spent couching, drinking endless amount of hot tea, sipping medicine, emptying tissue box after tissue box and try to force down a few bits of food in between.

As of today, Saturday, we are couching less but still have a fair bit of the sniffles. Hopefully that will clear up in a few more days. I can't remember having gotten the flu and cold so bad before.

Well at least we are not outside in the rain anymore...

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