September 13, 2007

love thursday

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Ramadan started today. This is the fifth Ramadan Hameed and I have spent together and hopefully this one will be good.

I used to hate Ramadan. Not eating made my man crabby and when he was crabby I got crabby too. And since we normally love food and lots of our fun time together involved food it seem like the month of ramadan was very boring.

My hubby do normally have everlasting patient, but that is also linked to food somehow. We don't normally fight much, but the few big fights we have had have happen during Ramadan.

Now one of this big fights ended with us deciding to get married... so its not all bad.

Today I have spent most of the day cleaning and trying to get ride of some junk. One of the things I found was the card I got from Hameed for our first wedding anniversary. I had to sit down and read the poem he wrote me all over again. Then a bit later I found our wedding photos. It was nice to see through them again and we both look so happy.

They say marriage has its ups and downs, honestly we have had most ups. I feeling very lucky and are pretty sure we will survive another Ramadan.

Happy love Thursday

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