September 3, 2007

opinion needed..

we want to buy our own place some day, hopefully in about a year or so. The rent is going up and so is housing prices so we just have to start somewhere.

Right now we are living in a pretty quit neighborhood, which is also pretty central. Its a short distance to my work and to the city center and not to far to Hameed's work. The area we live in now is pretty popular so if we try to buy something here, I don't think we will be able to get anything bigger then a 1 bedroom place.

Now if we move a bit further away from the city center the houses prices drops so we would be able to get a 2 or even 3 bedroom place for the same price as a 1 bedroom place goes for here in Brunswick.

So now the big question: what will be better? A small place, central or a bigger place further away?


Siyah said...

i can't say i really know a lot about how real estate works there but i feel it would be better to get a bigger place. Your family s bound to grow in the future (god willing) and then you're gonna need more rooms. Once kids hit their teens they'll want their own rooms. Now unless it won't be too difficult to buy a new house 10 or 15 years from now, its better to get a bigger place now itself.

Besides the areas that are cheap now are bound to get more expensive few years from now. And then you'll have to get a place even further from the center.

Hope this helps.

dynamitt said...

yeah it makes sense to move further from the city - all though I will miss Brunswick.

Anonymous said...

yep it is very true that for the majority of those living in melb one must move further away from the city coz prices just keep on increasing, but the upside of this is that at least it's the houses that are further away have decent outdoor living areas, which is important for those that want to raise a family :) try checking out some of the new housing estates further away from the city for house and land packages ... you can get some great deals :) good luck with hunting :)