December 23, 2007

little christmas

" I'm dreaming of a rainy Christmas
just like the once I used to know"

It has been raining a lot here the last days. The farmers are happy for some rain and to me it feels a bit more like it really is Christmas. Cold and rain is much more 'christmasy' for me then sun and 40 degrees. Oh and yes I got a 'Christmas star' plant too - I'm feeling so grown up now.

And the tree is up. It look so nice, specially at night. I got some help with the tree this year actually. Kine came all the way from Norway to help me. Well at least I can pretend that she came just for that. Who Kine is? She is the daughter of some of my parents friends, whom I have meet once before when Kine was about 9 years old. So basically we don't know each other, but when you are far away from home and its Christmas everyone is best friends.

Happy little christmas!

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mormi said...

Hei! Julatreet blei jo flott. Løye me d når d kommer nordmenner på besøk.Dokk får ha ei goe jul alle sammen.