December 25, 2007

god jul, jul, jul

the headline is from a Norwegian advent series which used to be on tv when I was little. It was great to discover that my sisters had decided to buy me the dvd of this tv serie as a present. Noe I can share my childhood memories to people here in Australia (that would mean Hameed, mostly..)

Christmas this year was great. My mum (I love my mum) is hilarious at Christmas time. She never believe in buying us expensive things. Instead she always got us lots and lots of small an usefull things (like toothpaste or shampoo or socks) and wrapped them individually so it appeared that we all got a mountain of gifts. This year she had wrapped a lot of things that was actually mine, but which I had kept at home with her. One of my presents was a picture of my grandparents and my cousins taken back in 1982. We all looked so cute and innocent.

Dinner this year was Indian food (I think we have started a tradition here) and it was very very good as always. Kine made us a beautiful dessert of fresh fruit, chocolate and ice cream and it was nice even though they did not have the 'right' chocolate here in Australia.

All in all we had a great christmas and of course we all ate way to much..

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mormi said...

Det var kjekt å få sjå bilde igjen frå barndommen vel.
Det er ditt dei andre to har og kvar sitt.Tenkte det va greit at du fekk sjå kos mange søskenbarn du egentligt har.A fekk sin juladuk for tredje gong i år.Så nå seie hu at hu tar den me seg så hu ikkje får den flerne gonger.
Det er d allers kjekkaste å pakka inn masse gøy.Eg lige d.Ha ei forsatt god jul