November 8, 2007

love thursday

Sometimes I just love me job. Working with young kids means there are lot of funny and cute things happening. Today it was cute.

We have several push bikes outside, but not enough for all the kids to have one each so that means they have to share. Today two of the boys were running to get one of the bikes. Henry was a bit quicker and got the bike and this left Seamus very very upset. I picked Seamus up, reassured him that he could have a turn on the bike when Henry was finished and then suggested we find something else to do. Alexia had been watching the whole thing. As soon as Henry was finished with the bike Alexia got it and brought it over to Seamus and me. She patted the seat on the bike, looked a Seamus and said 'here you go'.

I think that is the cutes thing I have ever seen a 2 year old do for another child.

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