November 14, 2007

pulling teeth

The first aid course today was loooong and boring. I seriously rather pull some of my teeth out. Did I have to worry? No. Did I learn anything new? Definitely not. That's the short version of today. I might give you the longer version later when I feel less tired.

UPDATE: the long version (just because I know you are dying to know it all..)

So my college and myself did go this course pretty nervous. We had heard from other people we work with (who all took the course back in August) that is was pretty hard...

The first half of the day was for CPR. The teacher went through the does and don'ts of CPR and then we all had to to a practice test. That means, we all had to try to breath and do compression on a dummy for 2 min. Which was fine - only that the teacher was not looking at all.. I could have done compression on the dummy's stomach and breath into the dummy's ears and I'm pretty sure he would still have said ' oh that is fine - good job'.

Then we had a verbal test, which I don't even want to call a test. He read the questions out loud and then the answers - so we could just write it all down.

We had lunch and then the real terror started...

He began with explaining how to put bandages on. He showed us 2 different ways and how to make one kind of sling and then he said ' I only have on more sling to show you..' A lady asked a question, started to tell a story and kept talking and talking and talking and talking some more...

2 hours later

'oki now lets get back to that last sling I was going to show you'

The clock was almost 4 pm and we had been there since 8 am. My college made it clear that she 'had' to go at 4.30 because her car would be towed if she stayed any longer. He then quickly rushed through how to deal with asthma and allergies, and to make matters worse, he did not have all his information right. I was the one that had to inform him and the rest of the class about what kind of medication children with severe allergies have to take.

I guess we should have known what we were in for before lunch when he told me he did not really care when we finish for the day as he got paid by the hour... And we did not even get a written test at the end of the day (but that I am not really complaining about).

I am very glad that this was just a refresher course for us. I also realized when I was reading the book before the course that I do remember most of what I learnt 2 years ago, so I can still say that I am certificated in first aid with confidence.

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