November 16, 2007

love thursday

(on Friday this week, because I totally forgot it was Thursday yesterday)

I was talking to my friend Elin on MSN the other day (something we do not do often enough) Elin lives in England and she was telling me that she was planning to go into London and visit the Norwegian church there. The Norwegian church abroad is not just a 'church' it is more like a little piece of Norway. I have visit the Norwegian church both in London and New York and both times it felt like I was back in Norway. They have Norwegian 'stuff' there - pictures from Norway on the wall. But most important for a person missing home is the food. They have Norwegian food items there.

In London they even make traditional Christmas dinner in the church. And this was what Elin was telling me about. She was going to the church to eat 'pinnakjott' (smoked lamb ribs is my best translation). I told her I was very jealous are her now, because I have not had any pinnakjott since christmas 2002 (and that is a few weeks ago..)

Yesterday I got an email from Elin. She had looked up the Norwegian church in Sydney. When she was looking at their web page she found that they are actually selling food online. I can fax them a shopping list and they will send me Norwegian food right to my mailbox - how good is that? I knew Elin was great, but I like her even more now for finding this out for me.

Happy love thursday!

Elin is the one on the far right. Guess which one is me??

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