November 20, 2007

just rambeling

well since last post got some many comments (beside from Angie: hi!) I guess it is safe to day that there will be no Christmas gifts this year..

The biggest news around here is that I am back to being the sole income earner. Hameed left his job and have gone back to study. He has been going to school for 2 days now and so far he is enjoying it. I am so so glad that he finally has a chance to study something he really care about and of course we are counting on that he with a Master degree in IT will be able to get a much better paying job. A better job which will lead to use being able to achieve some of our plans and dreams.

I know he will do well at his study and I also know that he will get a good job after and I doubt he will have any problem getting references. Hameed's boss and colleagues at his old job could not praise him enough. They kept telling me that he has such a nice personality, a beautiful smile and is just a great guy. They really did not need to tell me that (I married him for for those reasons) but it was nice to hear it still and it made me very proud.

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