February 24, 2008

getting back on track

we only have one computer here in this household now as Hameed's computer decided to go black. Now, I know many households with more then 2 people are perfectly able to share just one computer, but for us its hard. It's not that we are so bad at sharing,we just both need computers. We spend (probably way to much) a lot of time on our computers and its also our main way of communicating with friends and families. My computer time have been limited a bit and I have neglected this blog more then I planned.

So what's new? Not much really. I got new glasses and on Tuesday I will get contact lenses. The contact lenses is just a free trail. I had contact lenses before and then I hated it. They made my eyes so sore and itchy. It was sad though, because it would have been so much easier not having to worry about glasses. Well, last time i tried was about 15 years ago so when they told me that contact lenses have been approved a lot since then - I believed them. And it certainly didn't hurt that I am able to try them for free first.

My favorite tv show have also started back up; the biggest loser. There is no one I really want to win this time, but it is still cool to follow the show. Watching the biggest losers also made me realize that I should get back on track with losing some more of my weight. Back in September I decided to lose 10 kilos. I manage to lose 7 by mid December and then I was so proud of myself that I just forgot everything about eating right and exercising so now I'm back up 2 and some kilos again. So starting from tomorrow (its always best to start on a Monday, right?) I will work on those last 5 kg.

Oh and today we are going to the Sydney road street party. I have been looking forward to that for a year!

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