February 4, 2008

there should be a parent test.

I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking that there should have been some sort of test you have to pass before you are allowed to become a parent. Working in child care where I each week meet more then 30 families (and that is just the families with children in my room) I have seen my fair share of poor parenting.

My biggest thing is parents who let their kids run the show. I'm all for choices and think children old enough to express themselves should be allowed to have some choices. But that means choosing whether they want jam or cheese on their sandwich. Not choosing when they feel like taking a nap, changing their nappy or whether they should hit the child next to them or not.

Some parents I get to know fairly well and then I am not shy to tell them my honest opinion. I have rules but I'm not very loud. As soon as the kids get to know me and what I expect, a look from me, and they stop what they are doing wrong most of the time.

Today I had to go to a government office, I tried to apply for a health care card and of course as the rules are in government offices, you have to wait in line for a long, long time.

At the office there was a woman with two kids. Just from looking at them I will guess they were about 4 and 6. These kids were running amok at the office, close to knocking people over several times. And if that wasn't enough they were also screeching LOUD. Very very loud. I feel sorry for the old people there. The woman (which I assume was the mum) did not say a thing. I don't understand how she could tolerate it, but it did not seem to bother her at all. It did bother me though, so as soon as the kids came close enough to me I gave them my stern look. And it worked... for about 2 min, then they were of to bounce off the walls again. I was lucky enough to finish up what I had to do so I could get out of there.

Mir is writing about here experience with misbehaved kids. I'm amazed that she did not say anything to the parents, I so would have.

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Julie said...

I totally agree!!! Urgh. I can't stand parents who let their children make all the decisions. You're spot on with the jam vs. cheese thing. Children *need* to be able to make choices within their capability. I've never understood why parents think they're doing their children *any* good by allowing that sort of thing.