February 1, 2008

love thursday lasting all the way to friday

(really just a clever way of getting away with forgetting to post yesterday)

Yes,I did forget love thursday yesterday, but in my defense I was busy with love. My husband decided that we should go to bed early last night so we could have a long talk before we fell asleep. That was more important then posting. The talk was nice and night time is defiantly my favorite time of the day.

Now today has been filled with love too. I have gotten a reminder of why I love my job. I have worked at my current job for some more then 2 years now. When I started back in January 2006 I worked in the babies room. That January a little boy started creche too. He was 8 weeks old. I have spent 3 days a week with this boy for some more then 2 years and since my boss moved me to the toddler room I will get another year with him.

I love love love this boy and in the same time he frustrates me so much. There is something going on with him, but we can not quit figure out what. I suspected autism, but his pediatrician says no. What is a fact is that this little boy has issues. One of his issues is that he hates, I mean HATES to get dirty. He will never go near the sandpit. When the other kids play delighted in the tub with water he hide at the other side of the yard. We have tried to encourage him to engage in art activities but he will just run away. Even food need to be no sticky or messy - preferable plain sandwich with no spread.

But today something happen. We were doing painting as a group activity. All the children worked together on making one big piece of art which we were going to hang on the wall. This little boy, who never ever has painted before, walked up to the painting table and started to paint.

I took pictures. Lots of pictures to document this historic moment (mostly because no one would ever believe me if I just told them). And then I cried a little. Happy tears.I am so proud of him for being able to do this and it gave me hope that he might be alright in the future.


M&Co. said...

Sensory processing disorder?

dynamitt said...

no its more complicated than that. His sensory issues is just one of his issues.His doctor thinks he will 'grow out of it'. Im not sure yet.

M&Co. said...

The BoyChild has food allergies/food intolerances which contribute to the sensory processing problems and the auditory processing problems. He also had problems with food textures, just certain textures he wouldn't eat, or if too much/too many foods were touching he wouldn't eat it.
I have a couple of titles I could recommend you look into to see if that gives you any insight.
Personally, I hate it when the tell use, "he'll grow out of it." Because they kept telling us that about the GirlChild and she clearly hasn't and isn't ever going to out grow it without assistance.

dynamitt said...

the sad thing is that his parents believe the doctor.