February 7, 2008

love thursday

this week I have worked the late shift. The late shift starts at 9.15 and by then all the kids in my room have usually arrived. It is quit nice to come to work, open the door and have 15 kids jumping up and down because they are so happy to see you. There is hi and greetings for everyone, some cuddles and kisses and then I'm allowed to say morning to my co-workers. Only a brief hallo though, before I'm dragged of to look at what ever the kids have been playing with or working on. Those moments are when I really love my job.

Most of the kids I have this year are in their second or third year of child care. They have been at creche since they were just weeks or months old and as long as they can remember I have been there. Rocking them and singing for them when they felt sad. Wiping their snot away and making sure that they all got lots of cuddles and tickles each day.

My co-worker this year have been working with the older children the past 2 years so 'my' kids are not as comfortable with them as of yet. I'm the big hero. The one they all always ask for and sometimes the only one who knows how to make things feel better and how to give a pat on the back just the right way so they can fall asleep.

It is very flattering. Truly is. And even though it is hard work I love these kids to pieces.

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Phillipen said...

..the way i feel about my 'kids' Ü