January 5, 2006


we finally went to IKEA. I haven't been to an IKEA store since I left Norway almost 3 years ago. It was good and in the same time odd to see that the store here was exatully the same as any IKEA stores in Norway.

We didn't get everything we wanted because some parts where out of stock. So we are going back to get 1 bed frame, 1 bedside table, 1 tallboy (why is it really called that?) and another set of drawers for our office. It is going to be strange to have a real bed after have been sleeping on a madress on the floor for more then a year.

What we did get today though was good and cheap lunch at the IKEA cafe and a sofa bed for our office/guest room. So now we are pretty much prepared for my parents visit in february.

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