January 19, 2006

aint that easy

When we were living in Bendigo we (or mostly me ) would order pizza when we could not be bothering doing any cooking.

Right now I'm really missing our old pizza place! We tried first to get a pizza from the same company as our old pizza place, but their closest shop is to far away from here, so they refused to deliver for us. Then we just looked in yellowpages and pick a place that was close to here. Well that was not a good idea. That was the worst pizza I have ever seen! We took one bit each and then trew it out.

Still hungry and still to lazy to cook we called another place which we have had pizza from before so we know it is at least eat able. They told us 30 min wait first and then called us back after a while because even though my husband repeated the adress twice and also got the chick on the phone to read it back to him, they got it wrong. So another 30 min. Then they called again and said that they had checked with our local shop and they could not deliver in 30 min, the earliest they could do was in an hour and a half !

My husband then asked me if I still wanted pizza and yeah I did, but only if they will give it for free and add a garlic bread. A request they smart enough agreed too.

But right now I wish we were back in Bendigo were you on weekdays could get pizza delivered in 15 min and it was always good. Well most of the time is was anyway. Sometimes we got a retarded chick on the phone which mixed up our ordes. What is this really with dumb people and pizza places?

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