January 4, 2006

chicken little

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We went to see this movie the other day. My husband said that he later read review of the movie which was all negativ. We liked it though and had a good time and some great laughs. I even got a little scared of some scenes..

The movie overall was fun, good animated and the story was new and different from the original story (which I also like) The chicken himself reminded me of some of the kids I have been teaching. Would absolut recommand this movie.


Bane said...

You know it's funny because I refuse to read reviews before I watch a movie now. There have been some I really enjoyed that just got ripped apart in reviews.

Long YC said...

In my opinion, it is a fun and creative movie. It reflects some true problems in our society, the characters are very special and they have brought me lotz of fun~
In a nutshell, I like tis movie~