January 7, 2006

lunch date

We had planned on a lunch date yesterday in one of the resturants in the main shopping street here.

First its seemed like we couldn’t make it as IKEA was delivering some things we bought and they were running late, very late. They finally came at 2 pm and as soon as they had left I called my husband and told him I was coming and then jumped on my bike.

Well the nice resturant I wanted to try was closed for holidays until next week…and so was most other places in our main shopping street. I never know resturants took weeks holidays, but I guess people that work there need some time of too.

Anyhow, we ended up in McDonalds. Not quit what we had in mind, but we still had a nice meal. When we finished eating we just walked around in the street holding hands and looking at all the small and interesting stores. So all in all it was a good date.


Diva said...

You two are so adorable together. It makes me smile to just think about how happy you are. *hugs* Two wonderful people who found each other in such a harsh world. Suddenly I see the smooth edges you create in them. :)

dynamitt said...

wow...i know we are good together, but not that we did that much :P